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Here's a brief summary of the key changes to Canadian gun laws

From 2020 to 2023

These laws have significantly prolonged the process of acquiring firearms or outright banned some popular models. In response, we have decided to sell brand-new firearms of all types to interested individuals without being subject to these regulations.

The Canadian government announced a ban on over 1,500 models of “assault-style” firearms, including the AR-15 rifle. This was part of the government’s plan to strengthen gun control measures and reduce gun violence. The ban included a two-year amnesty period for current owners of the prohibited firearms.


The government introduced Bill C-21, which proposed further restrictions on firearm ownership. Key elements of the bill included:

  • A mandatory buyback program for the firearms banned in 2020
  • A new “red flag” law allowing courts to temporarily suspend someone’s firearms license if they’re deemed a risk
  • A ban on handgun ownership, with some exceptions for sport shooters and security personnel

However, Bill C-21 faced significant opposition and was not passed before the 2021 federal election.



The newly elected government revisited the firearms legislation. They announced a revised version of Bill C-21 that maintained the core elements of the original bill, including the mandatory buyback and handgun ban. This updated legislation was eventually passed into law in early 2023.


The 2023 firearms act also introduced new restrictions, such as:

  • Licence duration reduced from 5 years to 2 years
  • Requirement for gun owners to demonstrate a “valid reason” to possess a firearm
  • Expanded background checks and more stringent licensing requirements

Since the implementation of these new laws in 2023, the Canadian government has continued to monitor the firearms landscape and make minor adjustments as needed.